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How to draw Realistic

How to draw realistic mouths

During the mouth class you will learn about the different components of the mouth and what to look out for which drawing them. You will learn how to make the lips look realistic, including the cracks in the lips that everybody battles with. You will learn how to make the teeth look sparkly and white. You will even learn how easy it is to show super fine detail like the reflections on the teeth. After the class you will be able to draw any mouth, whether it is closed, open, smiling, shouting, etc. because you will understand what you are drawing and know where the problem areas are and how to avoid them

 I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my drawing skills. I do this by hunting around the Internet to see if I can find new tutorials. Yesterday I stumbled across a cool pencil drawing site that I think is going to make a HUGE difference, especially if you want to draw realistically.

It is a pencil drawing course that specializes in taking beginners and teaching them how to draw in a realistic style. The course itself is online video, so you can access it from anywhere in the world - the videos worked perfectly on my tablet and phone.

Each class is two hours long so you can even draw with which watching the video, nothing is left to the imagination. The course starts off by showing you all the equipment you need and the basic strokes. Even in this video I picked up a cool tip for erasing.

What I like is that each lesson builds on the previous so you are never thrown into the deep. Each class has it's own concept or technique that you need to master, for example, in the second class you learn how to spot the different tonal values. In this class Nolan (the instructor) uses different styrofoam objects to show you the light affects the tonal values. The way he explains it makes it so easy to understand, like theory being explained in a practical way.

With each class you get a downloadable template which you can print out and use that to transfer to your drawing paper. You then also get a high quality photo of the reference and the final drawing. They are laid out in the pdf in such a way that when you print it out, each are exactly the same size. This makes it easy to judge sizes while drawing.

In each class you complete a drawing project. Like in the second class you draw a realistic spoon. At the beginning of the class I though it was going to be difficult, but after watching the explanations at the start of the class and the practical demo, it turned out to be quite easy.

The next four lessons are also still life drawings. There is an onion and garlic still life, transparent wine glass, rose and an apple drawing. In each of these you learn all about creating texture and depth in your drawings as well as drawing negatively and how to draw reflective objects.

From there you start drawing portraits. Nolan shows you how to draw all the major features like the eyes and mouth. What I liked was that he shows you what to look out for with each one. Once you have completed say the ear class, you will be able to draw any ear and not just the one from the class itself.

What really makes this course stand out from the rest is that it goes much deeper than any of the other courses I have seen. There are even classes on how to draw material textures and hands.

I am still busy with the course myself - it's massive (there is over 32 hours worth of video in this course), but I know that my drawings are going to move up a few levels when I'm done.

The course is brand new, so is currently on a launch special at less than half price. Why don't you go and check it out for yourself, you may be able to still bag yourself this bargain as well.


Cara Buat Ebook Cepat, Profesional



Menerbitkan buku, karya-karya mutakhir kita, kini tidak lagi perlu menggunakan jasa penerbitan. 

Kita semua bisa jadi penerbit, sekaligus memasarkan karya kita dalam bentuk EBOOK.

 Memang untuk itu diperlukan adanya template yang bagus, dan juga cover yang menarik, supaya EBOOK kita yang berisi karya-karya luar biasa itu dapat dibaca dengan baik oleh banyakaorang. 

Kita tentu setuju Cover EBOOK yang baik membuat orang ingin melihat isi dari EBOOK itu dengan cara membelinya terlebih dahulu. Jadi Cover yang menarik profesional perlu diperhatikan.

Kemajuan teknologi telah membuat segalanya menjadi mudah, termasuk juga dalam hal membuat desain karya tulis kita. 

Template yang canggih dan indah yang membuat kita dapat memuat hasil tulisan kita dalam template tersebut kini bisa kita lakukan tanpa harus memiliki keahlian sebagai desainer template. 

Demikian juga halnya dengan pembuatan cover yang menjadi lebih mudah dengan kemajuan teknologi. 

Setiap individu kini bisa menerbitkan buku sendiri, dan juga memasarkannya, tanpa harus belajar khusus mengenai penerbitan, desain dan hal-hal lain yang dulunya perlu dipelajari secara khusus


Fasilitas untuk pembuatan EBOOK yang cantik, menarik, dengan berbagai desain menarik, kini bisa didapatkan dengan mudah. Ada banyak tempat yang menyediakan pelatihan-pelatihan pembuatan Ebook, dan juga terkait strategi pemasarannya.





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How To Learn Singing



Have you always wanted to become a singer? Many people dream of singing, but few take the steps required to learn. Here are some quick tips that will teach you how to learn singing, on your own or with assistance:


How to Learn Singing – Before You Begin

Before you begin, listen to a lot of different songs in many genres. This will help you settle on a style that best suits your voice and personality. Do you want to sing rock music? Opera? Maybe country and western or rhythm and blues suits your style best.

Next, start practicing to find your natural vocal range. Sing a note that you can comfortably hit. Then sing progressively higher notes until your sound quality decreases. Go back to the first note and then sing down the scale to find the bottom of your range.

This is an informal exercise, but it will help you get an idea of which notes you can comfortably sing, and which ones you need to work on.

How to Learn Singing – Self-Study

Many vocalists teach themselves to sing. Learning to sing by listening to other singers, without formal training, is called ‘singing by ear’. While some classically trained vocalists frown on this approach, it can lay the foundation for strong pitch recognition.

The problem with learning to sing by ear is that you can develop bad habits that are difficult to break later in life. Professional lessons can be expensive, though. Many singers find middle ground by using self-study courses.

Self-study singing courses typically contain videos or audio files that guide you through warm-ups and vocal exercises. They can help you expand your lung capacity, control your breathing, increase your vocal range, and sing smoothly across your vocal breaks.

If you decide to go this route, read reviews before you purchase a product. Some systems are better than others, so user reviews can be very helpful. You can find self-study singing courses online, or at your local library or book store.

How to Learn Singing – Professional Help

If you would prefer to do your learning face-to-face, consider signing up for singing lessons. Look for voice coaches in your area, or get a referral from friends who have had a good experience with a particular instructor.

If the cost of voice lessons is a little steep for your budget, try joining a choir at your school, church, or community center. This will give you access to an instructor and other singers that you can trade tips and techniques with.


How to Learn Singing – Advanced Techniques

After you’ve spent some time practicing, you might decide that you really enjoy singing and want to do more of it. It can be a little daunting to sing solo when you’re accustomed to singing with a group, but a little practice will decrease nervousness.

You can use your self-study course or your instructor to learn advanced techniques like perfecting your head voice, reaching into your falsetto range, and developing a vibrato. You will also learn to read music and transpose your favorite songs into a different key so that you can sing them easily.

Now you know how to learn singing without putting a huge dent in your bank account. Have fun experimenting with different musical styles and gaining confidence in your voice!


No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer, Singorama can help you. Not only is it educational, it’s really fun!


Sing like a professional starting today!